Count On Us

We’ll handle every aspect of your project, including pre-construction, self-perform services, project management, risk management, safety and legal services.

We have in-house experts in conceptual estimating, alternative building systems, phasing/procurement strategies and much more. All to ensure you get the most from every construction dollar.

We also believe the choices we make are not just for today… not just for us or our clients. The choices we make will leave a legacy for those who will follow us and create new footprints on this earth. Ask about our green building construction systems and services.

Project Start-Up Check List

A. Owner Contract / Insurance
B. Estimating
C. Drawings
D. Permits / Fees / City Licenses
E. Zoning Requirements
F. Meet With Superintendent
G. Contact Owner Consultants
H. Contact Private Agencies
I. Set Up Temporary Facilities
J. Disconnect Site Utilities
K. Pre-Construction Meetings
L. Procurement (Long Lead Time Items)
M. Project Document Organization
N. Subcontracts
O. Schedule
P. Accounting
Q. Construction

Project Completion/Project Close-Out Check List

A. The Close-Out Package
B. Final City Inspections
C. “As Built” Record Drawings
D. Remove Temporary Facilities
E. Punch List
F. M.E.P. Systems
G. Attic Stock Material
H. Final Billing